How do I use the DeskShaper?

The DeskShaper can be used in different ways. To train your legs, put the DeskShaper on the floor and sit on a chair behind it. Place your feet on the pedals and make a cycling movement. To train your arms, place the DeskShaper on a desk or table. Take a seat behind the DeskShaper and put your hands on the pedals. Then make a cycling movement with your arms.


What can I use the DeskShaper for?


The DeskShaper is not designed for a full workout, but it can be used to achieve the recommended daily amount of exercise. Enough exercise stimulates the blood circulation and reduces the risk of certain ailments and diseases. The DeskShaper is also ideal for rehabilitation!


How do I adjust the resistance of the DeskShaper?


The resistance of the DeskShaper is easy to adjust by turning the knob at the pedals. By turning the knob clockwise the resistance becomes heavier. When you turn the knob counterclockwise the resistance decreases. This allows everyone to train at his or her own level.


How do I fold in the DeskShaper?


The DeskShaper is easy to fold by pulling the ring on the inside of the product. If you pull on the ring can simultaneously the leg to be folded inside. This must be done on both sides of the DeskShaper, because both legs can be folded.


Until what age can I use the DeskShaper?


There is no maximum age for the DeskShaper. In fact, it is good if older people use the DeskShaper. Because of the low-threshold movement, elderly people get their daily amount of exercise, which reduces the risk of certain diseases.


How do I reset the DeskShaper computer?


The DeskShaper's computer keeps track of how much you have 'cycled'. This data can be reset, so all data is back to 0. The computer of the DeskShaper can be reset by pressing the red button under the computer for a longer time (a few seconds).


How do I replace the battery of the DeskShaper?


The battery of the DeskShaper can be replaced by clicking out the computer screen of the product with 2 fingers. The battery of the DeskShaper is located under the computer.

What is the delivery time of the product?

If you order the Deskshaper on weekdays before 11.59 pm, you will receive it the next day. If you order the product in the weekend, it will be delivered on tuesday.

What are the shipment costs?

We don't bring any shipment costs in account for our product. It doesn't matter if you live in Belgium or in the Netherlands, shipment is always for free.

What are the payment options?


If you choose for the option "payment via Ideal", you will be linked to your privat and safe banking environment. Ideal is a safe payment method, with the benefit that your payment will be processed immediately in our system, so we can send you the deskshaper as soon as possible! 

Payment can be done via Ideal if you have a banking account at one of the banks below;

- Abn Amro 
- Asn Bank 
- ING Bank 
- Rabobank 
- Triodos Bank 
- SNS Regiobank 
- SNS Bank 
- Frieslandbank 
- Fortis Bank

Paypal, also for VISA & Mastercard

Payment via Paypal can be done easily and fast. With your e-mailadress and paypal password you can complete your payment within a few clicks. Payments via creditcard (VISA or Mastercard) are also possible via Paypal. Payments via Paypal will be processed immediately in our system, so we can send you the deskshaper as soon as possible! 


Payment can also be done via banktransfer. After completing the order, you will receive an email with the payment details. After receiving the money on our account, we will ship the deskshaper immediately. The processing of the payment can take some days, so be aware of the fact that delivery time can be delayed. 

MisterCash (Belgium)

Mistercash is the most popular payment method in Belgium. Payments done via Mistercash are guaranteed and confirmed immediately. This payment method will be processed immediately in our system, so we can send you the deskshaper as soon as possible!

Sofort Banking (voor Duitsland) 

Middels SOFORT is het mogelijk online bestellingen te betalen binnen de aparte SOFORT omgeving. Deze manier van betalen wordt met name in Duitsland veel gebruikt. SOFORT verwerkt uw betaling binnen 2 werkdagen aan ons waarna wij de DeskShpaer kunnen verzenden.

Can I pay with VISA & Mastercard?

Yes. You can select this option at the payment methods. You will be linked to a safe payment environment, where you can complete the payment. 


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