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Chair bike to move while sitting!
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The DeskShaper is the solution if you have little time, but want to maintain a healthy lifestyle! In addition, the DeskShaper is perfect for use in rehabilitation and works positively on your health. With the DeskShaper you can easily get into shape without leaving the door. Train both your legs and arms while sitting at home or in the office. So two birds with one stone!

What is a DeskShaper?

A DeskShaper is a chair bike that you can use at any time to get your daily amount of exercise. Place the DeskShaper on the ground and put your feet in the pedals. Make a cycling movement, as shown in the movie. This allows you to work on your condition, rehabilitation or muscle building. The DeskShaper is foldable and therefore easy to carry. This allows you to work on your daily exercise both at home and in the office. Ideal if you have little time! The DeskShaper can also be used for training your arms. Place the DeskShaper on a desk in front of you and make bike movements with your arms. 30 minutes a day is enough!

The only genuine DeskShaper

Benefit from the many advantages of the DeskShaper now!

Get in shape easily

The DeskShaper makes it easy to get to the recommended daily amount of exercise, even when you're short of time. You can use the DeskShaper while you're at work, but also when you're reading a book, peeling potatoes, knitting or watching TV. The excuse that you are too busy is thus eliminated. While you are working on your deadline, you effortlessly kick your legs around under the table. Enough exercise stimulates the blood circulation, which will eventually give you more energy. If you suffer from poor circulation, the DeskShaper is the perfect invention for you! Poor circulation can be recognized by cold hands, irregular heartbeat, tingling in the limbs, shortness of breath or heavy legs. A bad memory can also be a sign of this. The DeskShaper is foldable and therefore anywhere to take. The built-in computer ensures that you can see the result after every workout.

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