Prevent diseases

By using the DeskShaper 30 minutes a day you reduce the risk of diseases caused by too little exercise. Moving half an hour a day seems like little, but still many people do not make it, partly because they do their work at a desk. However, this entails quite a few risks. Research has shown that long sitting increases the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity by about half. This risk is not reduced if you exercise intensively once a week. It is important to exercise a little bit every day. In this way you stimulate the blood circulation and set your body in motion. The DeskShaper can offer excellent help. During work you can do this in an accessible way to be busy with movement.

Also good for digestion

In addition, regular sports for more reasons healthy. By regularly exercising, you will develop fewer diseases and ailments in the long term. Good movement keeps your bones strong and the muscles and joints supple. Exercise also promotes digestion, which reduces the risk of gastrointestinal complaints. Furthermore, daily exercise is good in the fight against obesity. A slimmer body is less stressful for bones and joints. This allows you to move more smoothly and life literally becomes a lot lighter!