Perfect for rehabilitation

The DeskShaper can be used perfectly in rehabilitation. Many people who have had an accident cannot move properly for a certain period of time. This can in some cases cause muscle atrophy. This is the thinning and less powerful of muscles. The best remedy against muscle atrophy is an active movement. It can be difficult to start moving actively again if you have been unable to do anything for a long time. The DeskShaper chair bike can therefore help to rebuild strength in your muscles. The use is very simple and does not need to cost much energy. This makes it easy to strengthen muscles in the safety of your own environment. Very pleasant! Good to know is that the DeskShaper for both legs and arms can be used. A chair bike is often used by physiotherapists and is therefore highly recommended for rehabilitation.

Ideal for elderly people

Besides rehabilitation, the DeskShaper can also be used well by the elderly. Often the blood flow to the legs is not optimal anymore. This can cause thrombosis. A good way to cure this is to exercise daily. For many elderly people, the threshold to go to the gym is too high. This is not strange, because it is often busy in the gym or the fitness equipment is difficult to use. However, it is also very important for the elderly to be able to exercise. This makes the chair bike an excellent solution for getting into motion and restarting the blood flow. With the DeskShaper you can play sports at your own pace and in your own home.