For everyone

Anyone who wants to work on his or her health can use the DeskShaper. The DeskShaper is widely used in rehabilitation, but also in improving condition or muscle building. The DeskShaper can be used both for legs and arms and is therefore suitable for multiple purposes. In addition, the resistance of the device to set, so everyone on his or her own level can train. It is also possible to train your abdominal muscles while you are cycling on the DeskShaper. Keep your abdominal muscles tensioned for about five seconds and then release them again. This way you train your abdominal muscles. You can try to keep tightening a little longer.

Can be used anywhere

The nice thing about the DeskShaper is that you can use it at home, so you do not have to leave the door to get your daily amount of exercise. This is ideal for people with walking difficulties. Another big plus of the DeskShaper is that the seat bike is foldable and can therefore be taken anywhere. Even people who have a seated job can get enough movement a day.