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  • 30 minutes of cycling, while working, watching television or reading a book, makes you feel healthy
  • Stimulates blood circulation to ensures a fit and vital feeling
  • You will immediately notice a reduction in anxiety
  • Stimulates your mind, to become more creative and sharper
  • Challenge your lazy attitude while sitting on the couch
  • You do not have to leave your home to stay in shape
  • Lose weight while sitting behind your desk on sitting on your couch
Pluspunten & minpunten
  • Thuis of op kantoor te gebruiken
  • Stimuleert bloedsomloop
  • Vanuit de stoel te gebruiken
  • Kan geluid maken
  • Extra titel (frontpage)
    Get in shape during work or relaxing!
  • Extra titel (cms pagina's)
    Get that healthy body now!
  • Extra tekst
    The deskhaper is the perfect product for people with a busy agenda, but nevertheless want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Use the deskshaper under your desk at the office, on the couch at home or just anywhere you want!
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